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In Brazil, the carnival starts in early February and it lasts for about a week. Most people think of Rio De Janeiro when talking about Carnival, as spelled in Portuguese, however it is becoming increasingly popular to spend Carnival in certain parts of Brazil, such as Salvador Bahia for one, where the party goes on even longer.

Carnival in Salvador de Bahia happens at the peak of summer. It is a party where everybody lets loose and getting "wild" is the normal state. It's time to forget inhibitions and wear wild costumes. These festivities attract thousands of people from all over the world. This 4 day celebration starts on Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi-Gras. Dates vary every year. The rule of thumb is that Carnival Sunday is seven weeks before Easter Sunday.

The origins of Carnival are unclear, but most agree that it is more about a good time, a good party, and a lot of good drinking rather than a history lesson. If you are interested in learning more about Carnival in Salvador Bahia then read more...

Carnival in Brazil

The nightlife in Salvador Bahia Brazil is very enjoyable and active. One can cruise the night, hear some good music, dance till morning, look at people, have a drink, or simply hang out. Salvador Bahia will rock you from sunset until sunrise. People are friendly toward visitors and enjoyable to be around. The music is lively and the women are beautiful. Besides the nightlife, Carnival, dancing, drinking, and eating you'll find it hard to get any sleep with out feeling that you are missing something exciting and exotic.

Before and after you indulge in drinking you will probably want to grab some good food. The following website discusses the best places to go at night for food, drinks, and everything you could ask for to enjoy the nightlife in Salvador Bahia Brazil.

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But Salvador Bahia Brazil is not just about the nightlife, what you can do during the day is just as rewarding. Besides miles of beautiful Brazilian beaches, boat cruising, and Marlin fishing, you can simply sit pool side and read a book. Life is good in the tropics. If you'd like to find more information about traveling to Salvador Bahia, Brazil, then look no further than Right Here.


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